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Merigold Ritual Kit

Merigold Ritual Kit


we want to provide you with the tools to apply your mask—and an intention to create more space for yourself. You can add a ritual kit to either a subscription or a one-time purchase. Includes: * handmade, locally crafted ceramic bowl * goat-hair mask application brush * wooden spoon for mixing your mask * anthem card Merigold is honored to be working with Andi from good hearted woman. She has handcrafted each ritual bowl in her studio in Denver, co. we selected a wooden spoon, which is important to use anytime you are using clay in a mask (which some of our masks have as an ingredient). You always want to avoid using metal with clay. What is the Merigold anthem? It is the heart behind Merigold. Intended to be read at the beginning of your facial mask ritual. Helping you set your intention for your moment of pause.

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Living Green

Embodying a life through green colored lenses. From the plants we sell to the life we live. We try to make it all green.