The Refillery
Welcome to Louisville and Lexington's first Refillery and Green Living Shops. Here you will find a robust selection of refillable household cleaning and personal care items to help curb unnecessary single use plastic waste. Just come in. Fill up. Refill later. 
How it Works
1.) Come peruse our selection of products. From all purpose cleaners to deodorant creams our selection has been store tested and customer approved. 
2.) Bring in your own clean container. Or use one of our FREE donated glass containers (yep, we accept clean donated, label-removed glass). Or choose new glass for purchase that can be reused again and again.
3.) A Forager will help tare the bottle weight, fill you up with your desired products and then weigh out the contents. No need to get your hands...clean?
4.) Voila! We'll check ya out. Bring your own bag or invest in a new reusable bag! We gotcha!
Current Product Offering
Oneka Shampoos and Conditioners
Oneka Body and Hand Wash
Oneka Unscented Lotion
Spadilla Hand Soap
Sapadilla Dish Soap
Sapadilla All Purpose Cleaner
Eco + Amour Laundry Soap Concentrate
Eco + Amour Hand Soap
Eco + Amour Dish Soap
Little Seed Deodorant Cream
Dropps Laundry Pods
Dropps Laundry Fabric Softener
Dropps Dish Washer Pods
Cleo + Coco Dry Shampoo
Soap Deli Bath Bombs
Bath Alliance Bath Salts
Huppy Toothpaste Tabs
Heliotrope Face Cleanser
Heliotrope Face Toner
Myni Foaming Handsoap Tab
Myni All Purpose Tab
Myni Window Cleaner Tab
Myni Bathroom Cleaner Tab

Moss Walls

Moss walls are the perfect impact piece without the maitenance. Without the worry of "if you have enough light". Moss walls are the perfect maitenance and worry free piece. We can custome create various shapes, textures and even incorporate your logs.

Starting at $45sqft

Plant Rentals

From brand activations to weddings, we can help create the perfect environment for your event or even just for home staging. We will help you decide on the best impactful plants for your space and determine the best fit for all the lighting.

Let's Party!
Interiorscaping and plants for businesses and brands. Large interior trees for businesses.


Beyond our larger-scale plant walls and moss walls, we can add some floor and table plants all around your office or home. We will have a plant consultant come out an assess your space and pick the perfect plants for you and the places they will live.

Let's dig in

Floral Design

Check out our sister brand, Jamie Fairman Floral Design, to get the scoop on how we can bring some florals into your life!

Flower me, please!

Give us a shout.