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Man Bar Soap

Man Bar Soap


Today’s world provides plenty to worry about. But we’re here to help. Our awakening malt & espresso bar, a playful infusion where woody, ambery, and citrus notes meet to reveal a malt and espresso accord, gives you one less thing to worry about every morning – making sure you’re smelling fresh and feeling ready for all of the day’s challenges.

Jealousy from others may be unbecoming, but when you use our refreshing peppered patchouli bar it becomes unavoidable. Zesty grapefruit and marine notes intermingle with white pepper and patchouli for an intriguing fragrance journey only the brave dare to embark on. Is “soap envy” even a thing? It is now. 

You’d be hard-pressed to find a scent more manly than this. It has a warm and woody fragrance that reveals spiced tobacco accord built with orange zest, cardamom, and vetiver. More manly than the Marlboro man himself and the ideal soap bar for every man out there.

You’re a doer. Work, play, life…doesn’t matter, you get stuff done. We can relate. Our cedar & sandalwood mini bar and its enticing blend of musk, dewy florals, and citrus are big enough to get you ready for whatever you’re doing next. Looks like you’re not the only one who can multitask.

The invigorating bergamot & cognac bar is rich & bold. It blends a vibrant bergamot accord with ambery sweet tonka bean nuances. And you know what that old Latin proverb says, don’t you? Fortune favors the bold. Or some say it favors the brave. Or the strong. Even the prepared. Whatever, you know what we mean. Latin is tough to translate.

When stranded on an island, don't be found smelling like all the fish in the seven seas. Coastal driftwood with its fresh and crisp fragrance made of bright citrus, salted water and blue sage will keep you clean and rescue ready. Ahoy, matey.

• Made in United States

• Made in United States
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