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Erba Burn Bundle

Erba Burn Bundle


Intuitive Awareness 

Tap into your intuition and find clarity with this vibrant blend of mugwort, lavender, yarrow, mint, statice, strawflower and rough labradorite.

Lavender Rosemary 

A rejuvenating blend of organic lavender, rosemary and orange. Perfect for intentions of serenity during meditation, or simply if you are in need of a pick-me-up!

Love Awakening 

Love awakens when we start by loving ourselves first.  A beautiful blend of oregano, lemon verbena, and rose for allll the love, and silver wormwood to demolish those intrusive thoughts of unworthiness. Paired with a rough rose quartz crystal to help set your intention. 

Mind Body Spirit Cleanser 

It’s like a deep clean for your soul! Cleanse your space and clear your mind with this blend of garden sage, lavender, lemon balm, palo santo, lemon, and clear quartz.

Moon Goddess 

Release | cleanse | heal Release what is no longer serving you with this fragrant blend of silver artemisia, white lavender, and selenite.

Renewed Energy 

Clarity | truth | renewal Gain the mental clarity and focus needed to express your true self with this blend of wormwood, hyssop, rosemary, blood orange and sodalite.

Winter Solstice 

Healing | Rest | Deep Reflection Garden Sage, Silver Artemisia, Juniper, Rosemary, Orange, Cinnamon, Quartz


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Living Green

Embodying a life through green colored lenses. From the plants we sell to the life we live. We try to make it all green.