My pot doesn't have a hole! Will my plant survive?

My pot doesn't have a hole! Will my plant survive?

Simple answer, yes! Do we think that plants, overall, do better when they have a drainage holes? Absolutely! But damn! There are some cuuuuuuute planters out there that don't have holes. Fear not!

This kind of goes back to our blog post about rock in pots and that, yes, your plants can survive. But it takes some practice and getting really familiar to your plants wants and needs. And to be honest, we are all at different levels in our plant game so let us share some suggestions for you in regards to ways you can combat pots without holes!

An option is to keep your plant in its nursery pot and use it as a cache pot. The water still has the opportunity to drain from the holes of the nursery pot and some of the run off, as long as it is not too much, can be absorbed by the soil in the pot. Be mindful, however, and check it after 15 minutes or so and dump out an excess water from your pot. 

If you are feeling confident in your care-taking abilities, plant it directly in. Rock or no's your choice but remember to reference our debate here before you decide. With this, your plant will naturally hold onto moisture longer as water no longer has anywhere to drain. You may water with less quantity than you would with a pot with holes and you'll need to be more soil testing with your finger or a soil probe! This may take some time to get used to but it is better to water a little less at first as the alternative is a faster way to death. 

All in all, get the pot. Go wild. Ask for our help! 

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