Rocks or no rocks? That is the question!

We really ruffled some feathers with a recent TikTok post and our humble opinion that there really isn't a need for putting rocks at the bottom of your pots. We know, we know....your Mom has been doing it and so have you and you've had luck. I'm not saying you can't. And YES it is all about how to water appropriately, in the end. BUT for those who haven't quite grasped the plant game, yet, we recommend to forget the rocks. Why? Well, the rocks essentially take up more room in your container and takes away from the soil space. Thus, giving your plant less room to grow. Eventually the water will creep above the rock line, without anywhere to go, and creates a perched water table. Your roots will grow downwards, chasing the water, and eventually will become saturated as there is no airflow to evaporate the water. This leads to root rot. YES this can happen with or without rocks. But without rocks will prevent the perched water table! Food for thought. If rocks work for go Glen Coco! In the end, pots with drainage are your best friend until you master your water routine!