Installation Consultations

Plant Consultations for Home & Business

Bringing Our Plants To You

Have a business that needs a rad plant wall installed? Or moved into a new home that needs our help assessing the best fit for each of your rooms? Or are your throwing a 50th surprise party and need plants for the perfect Palm Spring theme? We're here for that!

The Details

Fill out our consultation form below with all the awesome information you have for the project that you have in mind. And then let us get to work! We will connect with you and set-up a complimentary consultation at your home, business or space to walk through and discuss in detail about how we can incorporate some green into your life. After we spend some time together and assess your needs, this is where the magic happens. We will take a few days to develop a custom design proposal to bring back to you to best suit your needs, space and budget. Easy peasy, right? 


Let's chat about plants