Discover the story behind Forage.

Photo by Susan Stewart-Jordan

Our Philosophy

Here at Forage, we are on a mission to revitalize and incorporate plants back into our lives. From where we work, to where we live and sleep—We want to not only provide you with the perfect plant for you and your space, but we also want to make sure that you walk away with all the education to keep your green friend healthy and happy. Forage specializes in custom plant design for homes, offices, commercial spaces and more and is here to help make any space more green and more fun! 

Our Products

Among our wide variety of plants and ceramics, we also carry a curated selection of hard goods for your home and lifestyle. Most of the products that we carry at Forage are all created by other small businesses and artists that create their products with intention and so much love. We invite you to take a peek at our online shop or come say hey in person at our stores—we'd love to have you!

The Owner, Jamie Fairman

Hi y’all! Thanks for stopping in one of our shops or even just perusing our website, here. We really aim to feel like you know us before you even walk in one of our doors. Or feel like your chatting with your gal-pals even though you are just sipping rose´ from your bed, laughing at all the little quips you find all over our site. So, with that said, I’m Jamie. I’m the owner of this little green sanctuary nestled here in the Bluegrass. I’ve been a plant enthusiast from way back when I’d help my mom fill up the pitcher and go around the house sloshing water into all of our plants. It’s pretty nostalgic to think about all those plants in my childhood home in Nevada and how plants have always stayed consistent throughout my 30-some years on this planet.

 I get the question all the time, “How’d you get started?”. Well, it is a long saga of a story and I’m not here to bore you, so I’ll leave you with this: I had been working my side hustle (now full time!), State & Arrow Design Co., alongside, what seemingly, was the best corporate job and I still just lacked passion and felt unmotivated in that corporate setting. Is this anyone else? That’s when I knew I needed to make a break for it! I knew that I wanted to do my own thing and with my love for floral design it grew into an overall love for all things botanical. That’s how Forage emerged! I told my parents, “I’m quitting my job to open a plant store” and they said “Ok” to my crazy presentation of my future life wanderings. And here I am!

We’re on our way opening our second location in Lexington and expanding the State & Arrow biz in that direction, too! It’s been a whirlwind and damn am I grateful. But this all wouldn't be possible with you, you crazy-plant person. It’s you that make Forage what it is. You keep it rad and we think that is pretty rad.

I hope you feel like you know me and this little place a bit better. We’re here for you when your cat eats your fern and we’ll be here to help you add to your crazy plant lady collection. We look forward to meeting you in one of the shops - be sure to say hey!