Forage is a green living shop + community for ALL people. We’re on a mission to create a place where plants, the planet + the people who take care of them can thrive!

Our Values: 


We have become plant and sustainability experts so that we can educate and inform our customers. We’re always researching, learning, and sharing! We want to instill confidence in every customer we meet making them the best plant parents and helping make their worlds a little greener in multiple ways.


Forage is welcome to ALL. There is always room on our in-store couches and in our online communities for and planet lovers of all kinds. We strive to provide opportunities for our customers to interact with us and with each other.


Creating a peaceful, beautiful environment where plants flourish and people can enjoy them is incredibly important to us. We are committed to ensuring that our products have the least impact on our earth and that we can nurture her just a little bit more.


Forage is committed to doing things as sustainably as possible – recycling always, reducing when we can, and reusing at every opportunity. Through our sustainable goods and refilleries in each of our stores, we can bring accessible sustainability goods and practices to the communities we live in.