Propagation for Beginners

Propagation for Beginners

It's time to level up your green thumb status and enter the world of propagations. This article is the provide a starting place to start experimenting. With that said, it's important to note that not all propagations are successful but when it works it can be very rewarding!

Most propagations are best done in soil but there are many plants, most notably Aroids, that can be propagated in water. These plants are typically found in swamp-like conditions and have adapted over time to be able to grow in water as well as soil! So let's get going! 

So let's take a hypothetical plant and use the Pothos, to begin. First, chase the vine down until you come to a juncture that may have a brown little, soon to be areal root, which is called a node. There will be several nodes depending on the length of your vine. You will cut above the node and between the next leaf with a clear, sterilized pair of shears. Next, remove any leaves that are close to the node providing a few inches of bare stem. Next place your stem down into your vessel of water. It's best to provide your plant with bright to moderate light. Its important to not place in too bright or too low of light! Pro-tip: change your water weekly to prevent bacteria build up! 

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