Keeping A Fickle Fiddle Happy

Keeping A Fickle Fiddle Happy

Generally, environment is everything for these guys! Keep your fiddle in bright light, near a south- or east-facing window preferably.

Keep it away from fans, drafts or vents.

Water well weekly (biweekly in the winter), and make sure the water drains through.

My huge fiddle-leaf fig is brown on the tips. It's by a window getting plenty of light. Help!

This sounds like a watering thing. I would water more frequently. Does your pot have good drainage? Let the water spill into the tray below to make sure it's getting enough water all over. If the browning is only on the side facing the window, it might be getting a bit of a sunburn. Regular rotation should cure that!

Why do the leaves on my fiddle-leaf fig turn brown and fall off?

This can be a couple of things. Air may be blowing on the leaves and dry them out. Make sure your baby is away from air vents, drafts, fans, etc. It also may be getting too much sun, which makes the leaves burn, brown and fall off.

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