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La Jolie Muse Candle Collection

La Jolie Muse Candle Collection

Elevate your space with Amélie: Timeless ribbed glass candles, reminiscent of the Acropolis grandeur. Available in calming colors, this 7ox candle offers a sustainable 40-hour burn with natural soy wax and seamlessly become elegant keepsake containers.

Yuzu & Neroli Blossom - Vibrant and invigorating fragrance that opens with a burst of Sparkling Citrus, leading into a green and aromatic notes, and finally settling into a warm and grounding base of woods.

Sylvan Figue - A refreshing burst of zesty lemon and mandarin unfolds into a lush heart of ripe fig, red berries, and delicate water lily, while a warm, woody embrace of cedarwood, sandalwood, and ambrox beckons in the tranquil embrace of this fragrance.

Saffron & Oud - Inspired by warm notes of precious amber, this candle blends perfectly with soft, honey-like saffron and fresh cedar to create an exotic yet cozy ambiance.

Watermelon Mint Zest - A summery and revitalizing scent that captures the essence of a cool, juicy watermelon paired with the crispness of mint leaves. It's a perfect choice for those who seek a fragrance that's both sweet and invigorating, making it ideal for warm weather or anytime you want to feel refreshed and uplifted.

Santal Rosé - Lush rose blossom meets the earthy sandalwood base, together offering you a soft, powdery floral aroma.

Tomato & Vine - A vibrant blend of Tomato and Fig Leaves harmoniously intertwined with zesty Grapefruit, deepening into a lush heart of Cedar and Rose, culminating in a base of earthy Patchouli and Moss for an invigorating and grounding olfactory journey.


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