Louisville - Germantown

Louisville - Germantown

1201 Goss Ave
Louisville, KY 40217

TUE – FRI 11AM – 7PM
SAT 11AM – 6PM
SUN 11AM – 5PM

In-Store Service Menu

Please note that all services must be booked in advanced by calling the store directly or sending us a message via Instagram or email. Our service days for repotting and plant doctoring are Tuesday - Friday with hours determined by each store to confirm the appointment. All plants must be picked up and dropped off the same day. No plants may be left at our stores or an additional charge will incur.


2-4" Plants - $3

6" Plants - $5

10" Plants - $10

12" Plants - $15

14" Plants - $20

Much like people (and hermit crabs), sometimes plants outgrow their homes. When it's time to repot, we got you! Need a new pot? It's your lucky day! We've got a nice selection to choose from.

Plant Doctor 

2-4" Plants - $7

6" Plants - $10

10" Plants - $18

12" Plants - $25

14" Plants - $40

Large Cacti Surgery - $50

Is your plant looking a little (or a lot) sad? Bring him in for a checkup with one of our Forage Certified Plant Physicians (that's a thing... right?). We can help diagnose problems, repot and even do minor plant surgery. Please note that plants with pests may not be brought into the store at any time.

Plant Stakes — $8-$12

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. If your plant needs a crutch, let us help her out with with a bamboo plant stake.