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Curiosity never killed a plant.

How did you get started?

Forage stemmed from the roots of our sister business, State & Arrow Design Co. (see what I did there - plant puns intended!). The love for florals quickly grew into a fondness for all things botanical. And what better way to share that love that to spring up a plant shop! 

I don’t know what plant would be best in my house, can you help me?

Absolutely! At Forage we believe in helping turn your black thumb green. And this means educating our patrons about plants, how to take care of them, and to decide which types of plants may be best for the space in your home. We always ask for our clients to take a look at their home or business space they want to fill, take some photos, and then we can help guide you. Did you know we also offer plant consultations & installations? 

How do you ship plants in the winter?

Shipping plants in the winter can be tricky, but we are taking every precaution to make sure that your plants arrive safe and sound. Plants are packed with several layers of shipping paper to help insulate the plants, as well as packed with heat packs. The best way to ensure that your plant arrives in perfect condition is to select a shipping option that will get your plant to your quickly ( We recommend 2 day shipping or quicker) so it will spent less time in transport. We also recommend Following the tracking of your order carefully and having someone there to accept your plant so it doesn’t get left outside in the cold (Pro-Tip: If you can’t be home to accept your delivery, send it to your workplace or an indoor pickup station to avoid it being left outside). There is always a risk in shipping plants, and when you order a plant in the winter you are assuming that risk, but following our recommendations gives your plants the best chance at arriving  safely!

Can you help guide me on how to repot my Forage plant?

Not only can we help guide you, we will plant it for you! We want to make sure that any plant that has left our shop is well taken care of. And that means making sure it makes it’s way into the right soil base and into it’s new home.

My plant isn’t looking so good, help!

We do our best to make sure all of the plants leaving Forage are happy and healthy, and we encourage all of our Forage patrons to inspect the plant in our shop. We will provide care instructions and help as much as we can before you leave. But sometimes plants are tricky. If your Forage plant becomes sick, we will gladly put all of our effort in communicating our thoughts on what might be going wrong. Send us a little message here!  

I’m looking for a specific plant but don’t see it on your floor, can you do special order?

Yes! We love when our customers have something in mind. We’ll work with our growers and suppliers to get the perfect plant for you.

I saw that you host workshops, when is your next one?

Check our Events tab at the top for our upcoming workshops and events. We also host private workshops and events – inquire and let us plan the perfect event for you!

I see florals from time-to-time popping up on Forage’s social media. What is this about?

Our sister biz State & Arrow Design Co. is the reason for that. Our owner, Jamie, is one of the floral mavens behind that bunch of pretty. We occasionally stock the floor with fresh loose stems for our customers to create a unique bouquet. We will always post when we’ll be getting fresh stems in, so keep your peepers out.

Do you all rent plants?

Yes!! We have rented out our plants from weddings and events to even festivals such as Forecastle. Head over to our Consultations page and fill our an inquiry! We're happy to help! 

What's your favorite plant?

Ooooo! Sansaveria (a.k.a. Snake Plant). These guys are great for the always busy, can sometimes forget plants need water, lives in a cave kind of person.  

Are you hiring?

Currently we are not, but we’re always accepting applications. Send it on over – we’ll definitely keep you in mind if we feel you are a good fit! 

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